12 Roll Up Garage Doors That You’ll Love


Roll up garage doors – The material that is occupied in the doors will be in agreement with the rest of the construction of your house, especially with the facade. In this tour you can see 10 different models, some of which also have various mechanisms of closing, division into sections, tilting or parallel. Enjoy this article let’s get started! Double door is combination of iron and wood make an excellent and strong design. The metal completely closes the space with the two doors of different dimensions throughout. The glass on the doors gives ventilation and luminosity inside the space.

Our experts bring us this proposal of a tailor made garage for a single car, with a completely wood roll up garage doors structure and two levels to allow the entrance of light and natural circulation of the air, and a gable roof that allows the rain to fall By itself and does not seal. Wrought iron railings have such beautiful and classic designs that they have or lose. This garage incorporates a sliding grate that invites you to enter the property, where the black color complements elegantly with the brick wall and the nature that protects the privacy of the property.

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Do you want to break with all the schemes? Then you can create as many gates as you have cars. In this example we see at least four gates, the entire main structure is concrete and wooden doors, with wooden grilles on top for light and ventilation access. A very secure and private structure for any residence that requires it. Sliding and roll up garage doors are ideal for any type of garage, as they do not take up space when opened and are also the safest for pedestrians. These doors can have electrical mechanisms that slide them or can also be manual, as is the case of this beautiful bamboo-type wooden gate.

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