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Metal Garages – Over the years portable metal garages and shelters have become a popular alternative to permanent structures because they provide homeowners not only a mobile solution for the protection of equipment and vehicles but also the freedom to build without permission of property and, in some cases, without raising taxes. Most portable garages come in same day installation kits. Follow these steps to build your own portable garage. The costs vary depending on the options chosen and whether you purchase the new or used portable metal building.

For example, a 10-by-10-foot aluminum shed at your local $ 400 home improvement store will appear and be used very differently from a luxurious $ 80,000 steel portable home. Most portable metal garages are made of reinforced aluminum or steel, designed to be strong and withstand extreme weather conditions. These modular structures are tough enough to be assembled several times, have been knocked down, and moved between work sites for use as temporary housing and/or field offices. Portable metal garages can be used for business, industry, safe storage shelter or livestock, crops, vehicles, and construction equipment. They provide an attractive, cost effective alternative to mobile homes, whether to start a term, short term, emergency, individual or collective housing session.

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Suitable for any situation where a durable shelter is needed, but permanent construction is impractical, portable metal garages may be compact enough to fit into small urban plots or large enough to house and feed interval for the won. Portable metal buildings are made of components that can be degraded and loaded in a van or can be moved fully assembled and packed with a forklift, crane or semi. Contractors are available to design the portable metal garages with its specifications, move it, assemble it and destroy it. Portable metal buildings may look like plaids, modern architecture, classic barns, luxury homes, or bare steel arches. The modules can slot together to provide multiple residence or working zones. Vaulted ceilings and porches are the choices of portable metal garages designed as dwellings.

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