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Garage floor paint reviews – When painting your garage floor, you need to buy special paint. Your color has to withstand the weight of your car, tie to concrete and hold up in all weather conditions. Before painting your garage floor, think about how you want your garage to look and feel when the project is ready. Epoxy paint sold especially for use on a garage floor is available in 12 colors, in different shades of blue, red, gray, green, black and white. Choose a color that matches your personality and will add style to your garage. Paint the entire garage floor a solid color. You can also buy a solid color that contains metallic stains. This will give your garage floor a shiny, enticing look and feel. Perhaps you want your garage floor red painted with gold metallic dots that match your vehicle.

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Garage floor paint reviews, stencil the design of your choice on your garage floor. Let your personality shine when deciding what to stencil. Perhaps you enjoy hunting, and store your equipment in your garage; Stencil a hunting scene on your garage floor. Buy the templates on a hobby or hardware store. Paint a high gloss shine on your garage floor. This makes you feel like you park your car in a showroom floor nightly. Paint the garage floor a solid color first, and follow the blank color. Apply rich layers of gloss until you achieve the appearance you want.

Garage floor paint reviews, buy two or three solid color colors, and strip your garage floor with them. Paint thin or thick stripes all over the floor. Possible red, white and blue stripes would decorate your garage floor or three different shades of gray, depending on your personal preferences. Combine some of the earlier ideas, such as the multi-color terrazzo flooring technology, and you can turn your garage floor into a real artwork. Add partitions and epoxy floor polish, and your garage floor will look more like a stained glass than a concrete floor.

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