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Garage storage cabinets costco – A locker can help your family keep organized keys so a trip out is not supported by a search for the keys out of place. Make sure the cabinet is located near the door or in a central location if the different family members enter the house in different ways, such as children through the front door and you and your spouse through of the garage. Find a recessed style medicine cabinet with a mirror front. Metal cabinets are better, but the wooden cabinets will work fine, too. Install the cabinet so it is set on the wall, as if it were a real medicine cabinet in your bathroom, then places the large power magnets along the back wall of the box. They will adhere by themselves if their cabinet is made of metal, or can be glued with epoxy for wood cabinets.

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Attach a magnet to each set of keys and add a couple of spare parts for guest keys, if desired. Use shelves to store any other needs, and keep a dry erase marker either on a shelf or attached to the mirror frame. You can write messages and reminders directly in the mirror, and then delete them. Due to the insertion style of the box, it will look like a simple wall mirror, adding a bit of security to your key garage storage cabinets costco

Safe lockers are available in many home improvements and some department stores. They come in various sizes, but tend to be more utility metal than anything you want, as part of the decor of your home. Select one that is secured with a combination lock so you do not have another misplaced key, then paint a more attractive color and pattern using glaze modeling. If you feel artistic, give it a theme of the fine arts. If you are a little less daring, simply paint it a color that matches your other furniture. Connect securely to the wall, and if the design allows, framing garage storage cabinets costco with wood or a box-style photo frame prepared in advance, turning it into functional art.

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