DIY Garage Storage, Thinking Vertical


DIY garage storage is not a mystery, very affordable, it can be done with a handy do it yourself person and will create new storage space directly. Take a walk around your neighborhood on a sunny Saturday afternoon when people are at home and open their garage. What you will see is that many of your neighbors share the same problems with you, the worst garage storage with a pile of personal items, bins, and boxes that take up most of the floor space in their garage. Why is this common problem so common to homeowners? Simply put; Older and even some new homes have never been designed and built with adequate built-in storage utilities.

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Homeowners are left alone when they have to find and organize DIY garage storage items used to serve homes such as rakes, shovels, lawn mowers, and hand tools, not to mention all personal documents, boxes, decorations, where to put them? Think Vertical. Today, the average home garage has a large open loft area of unused storage space. Usually, this unused space is not a function room that only space is available and it needs repairs to be used as storage overhead. Generally, repairs include plywood folds on open floor beams, a drop down staircase for a secure entrance to the attic from the floor level of the garage.

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Possible enhanced lighting, and a direct DIY garage storage or wireless solution to carry your stuff safely in the attic room. These improvements can all be done by homeowners themselves. Your new overhead garage storage all starts with a plan. Consider your storage weight requirements. The capacity of the structural floor is a very important issue and your garage design should support whatever you want to keep. Fixes you must adhere to the local city and state building codes. You should get permission before actually starting the loft repair.



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