Double Garage Door Ideas


Double garage door or one big one it depends on how to use the garage and what you think is nice. It can be difficult to choose if you want, for example, two 2.5m wide gates or a 5m wide port for your double garage. Here are some tips on what to think about to make the right choice that suits you.

How should you use the garage?

Should you park two cars in the garage, it is usually easiest to have two smaller ports with a gateway between the gates. Each car will then have 2.5 meters to drive in and you will also have spaces between the cars so that the doors do not interfere when you step in or out. If you have a 5 meter wide double garage door, many people testify that they have to park the cars obliquely twisted to the sides to create enough spaces. If you want to park a car in the middle of the garage to wash or mow it, the wider port will facilitate this. Then you can drive the cars when it’s time to fix and mechanize and just have a car in the middle of the garage.

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Heat emissions through the garage door

Keep in mind that if you have an insulated and heated garage, your choice of port will affect the amount of heat released at each port opening. Opening a wide port for each car obviously releases more of your heated air than if you have two smaller ports. Also, keep in mind that a wide door to the garage may be useful when retrieving tools or just setting the bike. Then you do not have to open the big double garage door. Of course, taste and style play a major role in the choice of port. Think about what features are important to you and your way with or against what you think are nice and what style you want in your garage. When you buy ports of Melba Garage, you know you will have them for a long time.

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