Exhaust Wall Mount Garage Fan


Wall mount garage fan – Using a full-house fan can be a cost effective way to keep your home cool and ensure good ventilation in the attic. Compared to similar sized air conditioners, the whole house fans use less electricity and are cheaper. In most homes, the attic is located directly above the garage. Therefore, installing the house fan in the garage can help to cool the ceiling quickly. Although installation of the fan in the garage is cheap and easy, be careful while selecting the location of the fan and ventilation ducts. The wrong location can cause the toxic fumes from your cars to travel into the house.

Meanwhile, many home improvement projects are centered in garage areas that are designed as workshops. So installing extractor becomes an essential necessity for proper ventilation and living. It is important to correctly buy and install an exhaust fan. So, determine the type of garage fant before buy it. The amount of time working in your garage and the type of projects you commit will dictate your exhaust fan selection. If you plan to spend a significant amount of time in your garage shop, use the best ventilation available different sizes fans. Direct air outflow will allow for proper ventilation in the closed areas where hazardous chemicals are stored. One of the choices is using wall mount garage fan.

When using a wall mount garage fan, make sure the wall is not running compromise structure stability. If possible, make use of existing wall spikes. These by installing a house frame a simple square wooden box that is robust enough to handle the weight when you set the fan. When installing the fan in the ceiling wall mount, try to secure it. Direct to a ceiling bar if this is not possible; you need to install wooden harnesses between the joists to provide firm connection to the house. When you make the cut, Keep the housing frame firmly against the wall or ceiling area and carefully mark its perimeter. Puncture each corner labeled and make sure the cut lines are straight between punctures before cutting. When you have the hole, place the housing firmly in the opening.

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