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Garage door screen – Garage doors are typical parts of our home, as we do not pay a lot of attention. They guarded our cars, our warehouses, and sometimes our tools, but we do not think to put them up as we do the rest of our home. Garage ports, however, can set the tone for the rest of our home. They are one of the largest rooms on the front of our home, and the first thing that most people see when they visit. Decorating them is easy and worth the effort.

Paint the garage door a color that complements the rest of your home. Neutral colors are popular, but bright colors that stand out can also be sweet. It is best to paint the door with two layers while it is clean, allow each layer to dry in between. Consider painting each panel a slightly different color or paint raised areas and trim or casting on the door a different color than the bottom of the garage door screen. Add decorative metal handles and accents, which can be found at hardware stores and easily add to any garage door. See our gallery bellow for an example of this kind of decoration.

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Decorate your garage door during vacation. If you celebrate Christmas, pack the door with wrapping paper and a bow by loosening the ends of wrapping paper in the corners of the garage door. For Halloween, use a similar method to wrap your garage door with “Caution” tape. The offers magnetic decorations that adhere to metal garage doors. Install a garage door display kit to protect your garage during days when you want to spend time in your garage making crafts or home improvement projects without being bothered by mistakes or weather conditions or exposing your garage to mess to the neighborhood. Find out some example of Garage door screen kits are available at our gallery.

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