Folding Portable Metal Garage a Solution for Those with Little Space


Portable metal garage – Who said that the Germans have a little fantasy? Here is an original solution from Germany for those who do not have a garage and “suffers” the only idea of leaving their motorbike outdoors. Seeing the Photo to see how it works.

With extensive experience and expertise, the manager develops, manufactures and markets the best commercial grade building individual use of portable prefabricated garage with steel structure. Using prefabricated garages that are portable will save you time and money. Portable buildings are what they do every day off. Most prefabricated garage repairs designed.

Space Portable Metal Garage

If you do not have a portable metal garage and the only idea of leaving your bike unattended and in the heat of the weather terrorizes you, here’s an idea that could solve your problems. It is called the Die Motorrad garagen, comes from Germany and is a metal container to be mounted on the wall that can accommodate accessories and technical clothing, but when opened to “accordion” it is able to hold a motorcycle and repair it not only from the Weather but also from indiscreet looks.

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The portable metal garage is very easy to use: just remove the stops and pull the stretchable parts of the structure to see the triple space available. Safety is also ensured by the key lock that seals it . On the official website (which you can visit by clicking here ), the garage is available in four sizes that differ in width and height so you can choose the one that best suits your bike. For more information just fill in the form on the site. Below the video showing how it works. We invite you to look at our 12 portable metal garage in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

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