Garage Bike Storage and Ways to Secure Your Bike


Garage Bike Storage – If you like me, a true cycling enthusiast, the few things you have in mind when you have to cycle is storage and the most important thing is security. God knows how I would react if my mountain bike was stolen or if something happened while I was on one of my cycling trips. So, today I will discuss the issue of how to save the bike and how to secure it.

There are many ways to store your valuables. It does not have to be anything fancy, I’m sure you can find lots of places in your home or even your yard to store your bike. Personally, when I do not use my bike, I usually keep it in my house. More specifically in the corner in my room, I also have a friend who will keep his racing bike in his hall because he has nowhere else to put it. Other places in your home that can be utilized include under the stairs and above the door. Other places in your home you can use include garage bike storage. This is one of the best options if available because you can put the motor in a place that will not be visible and become an obstacle for anyone.

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An added benefit of this is that you can also have a variety of bike tools in the storage room along with bicycles for easy access to repair and service easily. Garage bike storage is the same choice if you have space. Closely related to storage space is bicycle storage shed. I’ve seen facilities like these in some stores I’ve visited, but can also be installed at home preferably in your backyard. With a warehouse, you can keep a few bikes in one place but make sure you lock your bike to prevent theft. I’ve seen a lot of people just find a corner in their yard and use it to store their bikes without even setting up a warehouse.

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