Garage Ventilation Fan Ideas


Garage ventilation fan – Garage work as a workshop for many homeowners. Whether you repair furniture, car or use the garage as a hub for home improvement projects, airflow in space is an important factor. Good airflow in a garage helps keep the space cool during the hot summer months. It also helps spread smoke from projects that you complete in space, while condensing at a minimum. There are several ways to improve garage ventilation depending on the size and design of your garage.


Assess the current garage ventilation fan options in the garage that create airflow. Look for windows, valves and other possibilities to get the air flowing. Find out if these options are in working order or need repair to be effective. Take advantage of windows in the garage. Open windows on different sides of the garage to create a flow of air. Even an opening of an inch or two will help to get air moving. If the garage has no windows, consider having some installed.

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Place a garage ventilation fan in front of an open window to open fresh air. Open the garage door at least partially to help create airflow in the garage. This works well in combination with an open window, either with or without a fan close to it. Install a gable wait if your garage has gates. These valves help improve airflow through the garage. Install a side wall ventilation fan if a single valve is not enough for the garage. Place it opposite the garage door, leaving the door open slightly when driving the fan. This creates an air current in the garage. Ventilation prevents mold growth and rot, and reduces heating and cooling costs. Proper ventilation also prevents damage from ice during the winter. Attic valves are classified as either exhaust gases or air intakes.

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