Good Wall and Ceiling Mounted Garage Storage


Ceiling mounted garage storage – Having a garage is much more than having a place to store the car and it does not get dirty or damaged because of being in the open. A garage is also an extra storage place that comes from scandal, especially when at home we already have all or almost all of the storage systems occupied. So today I want to give you some ideas to have organized the garage to maximize the space available. Hanging things on the wall is an excellent thing, especially when it comes to large things such as a bicycle or musical instruments. It is a way to organize vertically and make the most of space.

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Another excellent option is to hang hangers or bars on the wall to hang your tools, your garden equipment (hose, pruning shears, shovels, rakes, etc.). You can also hang all these items with nails or screws, Wall hanging. Shelves are also a very used resource to organize the garage as they allow you to have things neat (like paint cans or DIY material). And also have them always at hand and in good condition. You can create ceiling mounted garage storage to have on the wall hung or if you have beams on the ceiling you can create your own shelf by hanging it from the ceiling and leaving it to the height that you want.

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And of course in a garage cannot miss closed storage. I mean closed cabinets, file cabinets, old dressers like storage system, etc. You can choose the storage systems that you prefer and fit in your garage, such as cabinets, open metal shelves, baskets, etc. Remember that they are practical, functional, do not occupy all space and also have shelves to make it much more comfortable to store things. Surely after reading this article does not stop coming ideas to have organized the ceiling mounted garage storage, get to work!


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