How to Install Garage Fan


Garage fan a very useful option to refresh ourselves in the days and nights of heat that we have in summer. Installing them is very simple, especially if you are crafty, although if you are not in this post we tell you the tools you need as well as the steps you have to follow. Put all the utensils within reach before you begin and you can follow the steps in an orderly way. When entering a garage in the summer it is often like entering an oven. A fan garage catches the heat, which is difficult on cars and other machines that can be stored. Adding air vents to allow airflow not only lowers the garage temperature, it also keeps unpleasant or even deadly fumes from building up when the doors are closed.

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Purchase garage fan at your local hardware store. The more vents, the better, but if you decide just put in a few that are as great as possible. Install garage fan on at least two exterior walls. Higher is better for venting out, but the air intakes can be placed on a lower wall if needed. For the heat to come out, the cooler air should get into the garage. Even when the wind does not blow a natural flow the air will slowly circulate.

Cut a hole the size of the manufacturer’s recommendation. Use a circular saw or saw, all roughly through the hole and make the necessary adjustments. Insert the garage fan from the outside to test the setting. Apply a bead of putty around the edge of the ventilation grille and mount it with the screws provided. Make sure the putty creates a good seal to protect them from water during heavy storms. Consider a fan operated by a large garage or when it is not possible to ventilate from multiple walls to release the heat. Contact an electrician to run the new power lines to ensure that the project complies with local codes.

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