How to Insulate the Metal Garage Doors


Insulating your metal garage doors can have many benefits. Adding an insulating layer to the garage door will increase thermal comfort, reduce energy bills, and provide an additional barrier against noise and moisture infiltration. Fortunately, this can be done using some tools and some basic products available at a hardware store. Following a few simple steps, you can learn to isolate the door of your garage yourself.

Instructions Insulate The Metal Garage Doors

Measures metal garage doors panels. The panels are the rectangular parts of the garage door, which are mounted on the frame. You will install the insulator on the inside of the garage door, so you have to take the measurements inside. Use a tape measure to determine the size of each panel; There is no need to be too precise at this stage, you only need to know what size lines are large to decide how much insulating to buy.

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Buying the insulator. There are 2 different types, both of which are ideal for use with metal garage doors. The first type you can use is the reflective foil. This type of insulator usually has a thickness of about 12.5 mm, and consists of a reflective aluminum sheet inside sandwiched polyethylene foam. This insulator is sold in rolls and has the advantage of being very flexible. Learn about the effectiveness of this material with heat and cold. Another suitable material is expanded polystyrene. This type of insulation is rigid and is sold in slabs. Polystyrene will better isolate the reflective film, but it may be more difficult to work because of its rigidity. Take a leap to find the best material for insulation ability. Some specialized centers offer materials with a coefficient of 9.8 and 7.5 for materials of 3.8 cm thick. You should not use either fiberglass or spray insulators. These materials are not suitable for this type of insulation.

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