How to Program the Keypad on an Electric Garage Door Opener


Electric garage door opener – The four most common types of garage door openers for homes are classified by the mechanism that moves the garage door, a chain, screw, and belt or torsion spring. When deciding what kind of garage door opener to install in your garage, three other factors include: price, noise level and maintenance. The type of garage door opener best suits your needs will be a compromise between these three factors. All three types of automatic garage door openers have an infrared safety beam. If the beam is broken, the garage door opener automatically returns. Higher from garage doors also have a pressure guard. The pressure gauge senses a slight increase in the amount of pressure from the door.

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As the pressure increases, the door automatically switches from the cycle down to the cycle. However, a garage door opener is an electronic device that uses a motor to open and close a garage door. Many garage door openers have keypads mounted on the outside of the garage. This keypad lets you open and close the garage door using a four-digit password. You can program this pass code at any time. Instructions to program the keypad on an electric garage door opener: Starting by locate the “Program” button on the main engine unit of your garage door opener. If you cannot find the location of the program button, contact your garage door operator’s manual. Second, hold the “Program” button for about two to three seconds.

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When the LED on the garage door opener s the engine unit blinks, release the button. Third, enter your existing password on the keypad and press “#” on the keypad. On some models, you may need to hold down the “#” button until the LED indicator flashes on the keyboard. Last, enter a new four-digit code using the keypad. Press the “Enter” button on the keypad. If the keypad does not have an “Enter” button, press the “#” button after the new code. You have now reprogrammed your garage door opener keypad. Tips and warnings when programming the keypad on an electric garage door opener: Always test your keypad and see the new code work properly after programming.


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