How to Repair Dragon Garage Fan


Dragon garage fan – To learn how to repair a dragon garage fan, you must ensure good adhesion between glue and broken parts. Remove any dust and dirt from the broken part and the fan with a cloth. Glue the broken piece. Now, take the broken piece and identify the bonding area where you are going to apply the adhesive. Then apply a thin layer of universal glue to the perimeter of the broken piece that will come in contact with the fixed part. Glue the broken piece with the other one and press for 60 seconds, adjusting the position until finding the definitive one.

Are the parts already glued but the dragon garage fan does not work? Better check the power cord! With a screwdriver, remove the housing that protects the entire electrical system. Save the screws and other parts to make sure you do not lose them. Extract the cable. Now, it may sound confusing and difficult, but it is easy to remove the power cord. With the screwdriver, remove the screws holding the damaged power cord with the outlet. Then now the fun begins. Take a new power cord and a new plug to replace the ones that are broken. Start by peeling the two ends with the peeling tool. Then, with the screwdriver, open the plug and leave it ready to install the cable.

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Finally, cut the cable to the desired length and install one end of the cable to the male plug with a screwdriver. Difficult? If you get lost in any of the steps, check them again little by little and you will see that it is not so complicated. Install the cable for dragon garage fan. Now, install the new cable and you’re done! Place the other end of the cable in the same location where you removed the damaged cable. Using the screwdriver, attach the cable clips and install the cover back into place.



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