Install Non Slip Paint for Garage Floors


Non slip paint for garage floors – Floor paint can be applied in many different situations, but as a rule the steps to follow are always similar. That is why in this article we will explain the whole process with links to concrete systems, such as garage floors, sports pavement or industrial applications. In order to ensure a high consistency and avoid failures, it is important to use specific machinery with which to at least be able to perform a polishing disc machine or abrasive polishing diamond disc, followed by a deep vacuum.

With this treatment imperative Dirt or debris from previous treatments will be removed, and adhesion will be greatly improved. The mechanical treatment is always superior to any chemical treatment, which should only be used in much localized areas, always avoiding excessive aggression to the concrete with acids, which would negatively affect the integrity of the pavement and the coating. For the non slip paint for garage floors to grip well on any surface is the use of primer. Depending on whether the surface is porous concrete or non-porous metal, ceramic etc. it is advisable to use Polyurethane Primer or Epoxy Primer.

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As a general rule it is recommended to apply 2 coatings of floor non slip paint for garage floors to achieve the desired thickness and characteristics. However, these conditions must be taken into account are ambient temperature 5ÂșC or more, environmental humidity not exceeding 80%, Surface moisture not exceeding 20 (hygrometer), Always check for good ventilation. Once with the entire surface already prepared we proceed to apply the paint. Adequate tools must be available, so if you make a roller it should be clean so you do not leave hairs on the floor. As in any painting we have to turn it around to homogenize and make sure that the products are well mixed. Apply it evenly over the entire surface. It is very important to perform this operation with good rhythm to avoid that the paint leaves its workability time that in some cases is 45 minutes

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