Metal Building Garage Plan


Metal building garage – Garage has a primary function, which is to attach your car and keep it safe. However, many families use garage for storage as well. Not much has changed with the garage design because motor vehicles became everyday food. Some are attached to the house, and some are independent. Attached garage is usually an extension of the house, which encourages matching design. Free standing garage enclosures offer a wider range of possibilities. Now, install a metal garage does not require special equipment and welding machine.

Choose the model of the metal building garage. Currently there are two versions of folding metal garage corrugated and steel sheet. The lifetime of a steel plate is only 25-30 years old. The purchase will cost you a lot cheaper than buying a garage in corrugated cardboard. Models of corrugated separation strength and durability. A special relief and varied range of colors make it easy to fit the design of this material into almost any architectural. Make foundation. You should know that for the construction of a collapsible metal garage is not necessary to equip tape foundation. It is enough to asphalt pad the right size or a concrete slab. This area should be lifted above the ground level by about 15 cm.

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Assemble metal building garage frame construction. Bring assembly should be with outdoor elements. Patch the lower frame beams, attach them with galvanized screws. For reliability and easy assembly on the construction details, there are special mounting holes. Shape corners and set between racks. Before installing roof profiles, please. During installation, you must carefully calibrate the position of all elements using a water pass. Obsolete plate frame. The housing is made from right to left, bottom and up. Fix the metal to the frame with galvanized screws. The connection is made in 15 cm increments. Mount the gates. Setting a target is done according to the instructions and depends on the selected model.

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