Metal Carports and Garages for Small Houses like Yours


Metal carports and garages – perfect house does not refer to a luxury mansion or a stunning house by sea. Comfortable rooms, a program of areas that suits our needs and style of our preference are 3 simple keys to having perfect house. But also, we must remember a very important area within home that is sometimes overlooked: garage. This place, because it does not need a large infrastructure, can be overlooked, leaving aside a multitude of incredible designs and styles that can make this space a perfect complement to whole house. If you prefer to go straight home after a long day, forget about tedious journey to front door and create a direct access from garage to interior of house.

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Preferably, it connects a service area like kitchen with parking lot, being able to communicate these spaces according to your need. Using a little ingenuity and imagination you can combine two totally opposite uses like: Put metal carports and garages in direct communication with your office or study. Why do we love this idea? Because parking is usually an area removed from rest of apartment, being a quiet and perfect place to work in calm. It uses industrial and modern coatings for a much more attractive look. If you do not want to do a permanent construction or a lot of investment, opt for a recycled wooden pergola to simply delimit area where vehicles will be parked. Incorporating a solid roof to wooden structure helps protect vehicle from sun and rain.

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For those who consider their vehicle a work of art, design of this parking lot is perfect to show car as a decorative piece more inside house. Without any solid division, car can be parked inside house, being visible from social area or space determined by design. Metal carports and garages sometimes often waste its roof, being in sight of neighbors and looking unattractive. If you do not have enough space to make this roof habitable, choose to incorporate a green roof as a lining, this way you add nature to your parking lot without sacrificing square meters, a win / win!


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