Metal Garage Buildings For All Those Cars


Metal Garage Buildings For All Those Cars – Most families are multiple vehicle owners whereby the parents require their own cars to go to work, run car pools and errands. When their children come of driving age, more vehicles line up the driveway as each clamor for his or her set of wheels. Since space is exhaustible, it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize 4 cars don’t fit into a 2-car garage.

To resolve this predicament, assuming there is sufficient yard space; metal garage buildings are the perfect solution to expand the home garage. Numerous designs with detailed instructions are readily available from the internet or the local DIY store. Most of them just require assembly work as the parts are pre-fabricated. The simpler ones can be assembled by the home owners themselves, thus creating a great opportunity for a family project. If his thoughts are too exaggerated, there are many contractors who are ready to offer his services. There are numerous sizes to cater to the different requirements. Some are small enough to house a car whereas others can shelter recreational vehicles, boats or camper vans. Since steel is much stronger than aluminum, it’s recommended to invest in a steel garage to support the large structure and withstand extreme weather. In the event a customized design is required, consult a home designer on any structural changes to the standard design.

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Metal garage buildings were also built as a covered parking space is limited in the area, namely the dense City Centre, office buildings and apartments. These buildings tend to be stratified structures that rise above ground or below ground. Some have elaborate mechanisms whereby a vehicle is automatically transported into its pigeon hole once released by its owner. Some bays are stacked atop one another or next to one another to maximize space usage. They can then be rotated to bring out the vehicle upon the owner’s request. It’s quite a mind-boggling sight whenever one shows up to pick up his or her car.

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