Method Painting Garage Floor with Epoxy Coating


Painting garage floor – Construction of epoxy floor coatings for floors is now widely practiced by high efficiency. Because of the outstanding features of epoxy paint that can be slippery, waterproof and resistant to heavy loads, the application of epoxy floor paint technology to cars is increasingly gaining the attention of customers.

For every floor of the garage, there is a common feature that is specialized in car storage, repairing car oil for cars that are subjected to severe environmental impacts or shocks requiring good painting garage floor performance. Epoxy paint Detection of paint is providing the line of quality paints specializing in floor paint painting for various items.

Epoxy paints are known not only for their resistance to acids, alkalis or chemicals but also for good impact resistance and good slip resistance, so the choice of epoxy floor paint for our garage is Your right opinion.

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Reasons to Use Epoxy Paint for Painting Garage Floor

Epoxy paints are superior grades of paints with outstanding features without any paint. It has the ability to create hardness, gloss, floor durability, withstand external factors, withstand impact. And large payload is suitable for use on the garage floor.

Easy cleaning cleans quickly to save time. Special epoxy paint, waterproof, anti-acid, anti-slip very good. The variety of colors creates aesthetically. Using epoxy paint helps you save maximum cost by executing quickly and without cost to the workers too high, good durability not much repair than concrete surface or ceramic tiles.

Epoxy Floor Paint Process for the Garage Floor

Handle the floor surface to be cleaned to create good adhesion to painting garage floor epoxy paints. A surface treatment as possible results in higher buildings. Use a diamond disk grinder and a dedicated vacuum cleaner to clean the surface roughness, putty (a type of mortar) to fill the convex hollow.

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This coating needs to be carefully and carefully treated as it is the adhesive agent for the subsequent coat adhesives. Using rule for concrete floors and spray guns for the metal substrate will fit and achieve higher results. This coating also has the ability to protect, increase the durability of the coating.


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