Renovate Garage Wall Storage


Garage wall storage – Renovate your garage to increase storage and living space, improve your home’s value and generally revitalize your personal environment. Many garages are empty slate, but the sky should not be the limit of these renovations. Temper the scope of this DIY project of the potential for return on your investment, time and your level.

Add Storage and Add Value

Garage wall storage, floors, windows, doors and ceilings can all be renovated to suit your needs. You do not need to make permanent structural changes to improve your garage, as many of the projects are more a matter of regaining underutilized space. Consult a local real estate professional to figure out how the garage is valued in your area. This suggests that many homeowners renovate their garages by organizing and storing. Homeowners who do not renovate can damage their residual value.

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Increase garage wall storage by adding shelves and drawers to walls and ceilings. Place rarely used or seasonal items in clearly marked boxes on custom shelves attached to the roof rails or ceiling in the space above the door. Line a wall or two with shelves of varying sizes to accommodate small and large items. Invest in upright cabinet to store some items out of sight. Put a lock and keep the children safe from harmful products. Use hooks to secure sports gear, garden products and other tools on the wall.

Add a workbench for space to complete projects that you would prefer not to do in the house. Try to connect a folding shelf to the wall, which can be moved out of the way when you are not using it. Wheels on wheels put work surfaces there and when you need it.Transfer items from the house to the garage newly renovated storage spaces can be enough to give you extra living space. Lock more space by building in seating. Use the space under the seats for more storage. Add task lighting, wired or battery-powered.

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