Solar Exhaust Fan for Garage


Solar exhaust fan for garage – To install a solar attic exhaust fan, you have two options. First of all, you can hire a professional contractor to handle a job or two, you can complete the installation by yourself. Today, fans are used to ventilate the more easily installed to dramatically increase the number of people who take this job as a DIY project, loft. If you want to be successful in getting the fan is properly installed so it will help to cool down the hot attic, we have provided some helpful tips. For starters, you will need to measure the attic space will require a ventilation system; ensure that the fan was purchased.

To do this, specify the width of the floor of the solar exhaust fan for garage, which is then multiplied by the length of the floor. Later, that number is multiplied by the number seven, giving you the amount of cubic feet per minute, or CFM (air powered by a fan). Once you know this number, you will want to choose a fan that exceeds 20. You also need to determine the size of the ventilation air intake. To this end, multiply the number of CFM fan with 144. The number will then be divided by 300. Usually, Ridge, or soffit ventilation system exceed this amount in most homes, but if you find that your House is not, it will be important to install an air release valve for inlet opposite Gable. The result of this will be to the exterior walls in the attic, but under the roof, attic fan will be much more effective.

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The mounting flange must be measured on the inside. The easiest way would be to use a flexible tape measure, so you end up with the exact number. It is a piece of equipment designed to encase the arm fan, metal housing, where the fan and help connect the gable framing. Keep in mind that some fans without sleeves. In this case, the connection is used to connect to the formation of the cross-Bar. The direction of the air flow should be marked directly on the arm or motor, mounting flange. Included in the installation for solar exhaust fan for garage measure the distance between the studs of the wall in the attic Gable. Using this measurement, the 2 x 4 wood boards nailed to the wall studs and then cut to create an opening for framing. You are also required to measure the distance between the top and bottom of the frame to the opening on the side of the fan. All these measures demonstrate the need for accuracy for installing attic ventilation and when done properly, the job is completed quickly and accurately.

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