Spectacular Garage Door Extension Springs


Garage door extension springs – The facade of our house is the first thing that strollers and ourselves see, when we arrive at our home sweet home. Therefore, it is important to take into account each of its elements, including doors that lead directly to the street or the so-called: gate. In addition, that is what brings personality to the facade, and in many occasions, defines the style. Therefore, in this book of ideas, we share seven ideas of doors and gates of different designs and materials, some automatic, other manuals, in order to inspire you and choose the one that best suits your home. Doors and gates included in residential projects created by architects in Mexico, except for the latest proposal, which is a French architect, but we could not stay with the desire to share it.

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We started with this metal door lacquered in black and horizontal lines, a design that has also been maintained, both in the pedestrian door, as the garage door extension springs and the siege. It is not a completely closed door; so, it allows seeing, between its slits, the interior of the house that was designed by Architecture Mas in the city of Querétaro. A house built in a few square meters, so that the simplicity in the lines and the elements used should be the important thing to favor views and orientations.

Horizontal and vertical lines, in metal structure lacquered in light gray, are the first characteristics that we see in this automatic door that to open it slides on some rails in the inner part. A garage door extension springs designed exclusively for Casa Coral in Veracruz, a residential project that reflects the joyful identity of its owners that explores a different and innovative architecture. House of orthogonal geometry for which this design of fence and door was chosen

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