Super Practical Portable Metal Garages


Portable metal garages – After so much thinking about which model of car we liked, it is not a matter of letting him sleep in the open. Neither exposes yourself to a theft or an act of vandalism. That’s why nothing better than a good garage to keep it from the inclement weather and friends of others. In this book we want to show you some simple designs that anyone could have in your house if you have a few meters. Surely you will find some for you.  If your house is rustic or country style, you can make use of natural stone on its facade in a grand and imposing way. This design shows a large volume that houses several parking places.

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To cover the walls, it uses autochthonous stone from the area to reduce costs and obtain a design adapted to its surroundings. To combine with your latest model car, design daring portable metal garages with futuristic lines. The white, gray and chrome finishes are perfect to create the modern style, with adequate lighting to store your vehicle. Sharp angles, sloping shapes or organic lines and curves complement this style perfectly. Over time, the plans change and the areas of any project are modified and adapted to the needs.

If you managed to collect and buy your own vehicle but your home did not have an appropriate parking, incorporate the garage as an annex just by placing a light roof attached to the side or the front of the house. Many times we find the problem of linear portable metal garages and two stalls, being somewhat inconvenient when moving vehicles because one will always be covering the other. The solution? Independence each position in the front of the house, achieving a symmetrical or asymmetrical design according to your tastes playing with the ceilings, their materials and dimensions.

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