Tips Textured Garage Floor Paint


Textured Garage Floor Paint – Garages are often the most overlooked space in a house. Usually, they are a little sloppy, dirty and unpainted. Paint the interior of your garage make space seem more friendly and convey the message that you care about maintaining properties. Painting the floor of your garage can add style and traction to the floor. Once you have completed the preparation, painting a garage is similar to painting most other rooms in your home. Obviously, its coating must be especially resistant to the friction of the vehicle tires and to the action of some chemicals such as oil or fuel. It is, therefore, necessary to have a high hardness and, at the same time, a decorative finish for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Likewise, its adhesion on the support must be optimum, which depends on factors such as humidity or the requirements of use. Also, when applying a painting system or another on the textured garage floor paint, it is necessary to assess the situations that can be found in it, that is, from new concrete pavements that need to control its curing or porosity to the old concrete to rehabilitate, to those who have never been treatment. In general, to ensure a good result, the area to be painted must be clean, dry and at a temperature greater than or equal to 12 ° C. If it is not certain that no curing agent or other paint is present on the floor, a simple test must be carried out to confirm it.

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This would consist of depositing a few drops of water in three or four areas of the soil. If absorbed, there is probably no previous product. The concrete is hard, dense and impermeable mass is commonly believed but is a material filled with minerals small cavities and channels used for migration of fluid and vapor through it. Thus, if a membrane were placed which in this case would be a coating of textured garage floor paint, pressures impossible to resist without peeling or blistering could be reached due to the outflow of moisture.


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