To Clean the Xtreme Garage Fan


Xtreme garage fan – A clean fan helps you avoid the proliferation of dust in the spaces where you use it, in addition to keeping it working properly. A surface cleaning with a cloth is not enough, so we prepare this simple guide to learn how to clean a floor fan. You are only going to need some soap and water, a soft cloth, a screwdriver and a pinch of patience. It is not as complicated as it seems! How to clean an extreme fan is a simple way. Before you begin, for safety, make sure your extremes garage fan is disconnected from the power supply.

First, disassemble the parts of extremes garage fan. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that attach the xtreme garage fan parts. Normally the front grille is first removed, then the stop holding the blades and finally the rear grille. Depending on the extremes garage fan, the order may vary. Second is Wash the parts. Wet a soft cloth in warm water with liquid soap and thoroughly clean each of the fan parts. You can use a brush or sponge to clean the dirtiest areas. To clean the extremes garage fan base you can use a cloth moistened with warm water.

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Third, dry the parts correctly. Place the clean parts on a towel to drain. If possible, place them in the sun for a few minutes to dry them thoroughly. Then use a dry cloth to finish drying the surface of your xtreme garage fan parts. And Fourth, Reassemble the extremes garage fan. To finish, put each piece back in its place, in the order in which you removed them. Take special care when securing the screws to prevent the extreme fan from vibrating or making noises when you use it again. It is done! If you were wondering how to clean a floor extreme fan, the answer is very simple. By following these 4 steps you can clean your extreme fan so that it looks and works like new.

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