To Install Black Garage Floor Paint


Black garage floor paint – Check if there is moisture in the floor before starting. The concrete floor must not be too moist when painting it maximum 90 percent relative humidity. Check it with an electronic moisture meter. If you do not have a moisture meter, you can cover half a square meter of floor with a piece of transparent plastic. Tape the piece so that it becomes airtight underneath it. Any cracks and holes are scratched clean, spilled out with cement fillers and sanded when dry. How nice the surface is to be spiced and sanded is a taste of taste; the few will probably make the same requirement for black garage floor paint as for a living room floor.

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If the concrete floor is brand new, it must now dry completely before painting. New concrete also has a cement skin to be sanded away. After finishing cleaning and grinding, vacuum the floor very thoroughly and then start painting immediately. Also keep in mind that no dust is sprayed on the floor from the table, window frames or other surfaces in the room. Painting rolls on a long shank. Edge the sides of the sides with a flat brush and then roll over to roll the black garage floor paint. Choose a nice roll and put it on a long shaft so you can stand up and roll the black garage floor paint on.

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And always paint wet in wet. Take care not to roll around in already applied, semi dry paint, as it may cause color differences. Always paint wet in wet. The first layer of black garage floor paint should serve as a basis and therefore dilute according to the product guide. Paint more thin layers than one thick. Layer must dry for 24 hours room temperature must never be less than 10 degrees while painting and paint dries. Second layer paint should be undiluted. It is tempting to apply a thick layer of paint, but you always get the best durability with two thin layers.


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