Useful 2 Car Metal Garage


2 car metal garage – For many people their car is like one more member of the family. Whether it is the means of transport used to move from home to work or because it is used for leisure time, the car can become an indispensable part. If the car is the usual means that you use to work, to travel there is no doubt that you need to have it close and reserve a space at home or next to it. Planning a space to save the car that is functional, having the appropriate size and conditions is not always a simple task. That is why we dedicate this book of ideas to these types of spaces designed to keep the car inside the house, places where to have the car protected from inclement weather but without putting our own safety at risk.

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In many cases the placement of a 2 car metal garage is the simplest option to protect a space where to park the protected car. This option can also be very decorative if it is thought in conjunction with the house itself, as it happens in the house that we show you. In this case, a wood structure is chosen that is added to the dwelling, prolonging its facade. A solution that combines perfection with the joinery of the house and that integrates completely in the garden and exterior spaces of the house.

The authors of this house, the Argentines of La Casa G, have solved the garage theme by connecting it directly with the interior spaces of the house. It becomes an active part of the house. Because the 2 car metal garage is integrated into the dining room. The car is thus protected in an interior space of the house, counting and its access takes place through a sliding door. A perfect choice for fans of the automotive world and for all those who adore your car but you should always have the professional advice to plan issues such as exhaust fumes.

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